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Zanerio Group AB is a fast growing IT company with head office in Gothenburg, Sweden and registered branch office in Oslo - Cube99 AB NUF, Norway and also operations in Finland and  Denmark. We offer a diversified portfolio that includes IT consulting - Zanerio Consulting, Seed capital investment - Zanerio Capital, Application Development - Zanerio Apps. We have a team of professionals with many years of experience ready to offer our clients quality service in all our business areas.

Professional IT Consulting

We offer consultancy services for every need of our clients and prospective clients in the IT sector. Join us to become one of us

Software Development

We offer both frontend and backend solutions. Our development team based in Uzgorrod, Ukraine and Oslo, Norway ensures we deliver just the right solution for you.


BubblePerk is one of our ongoing venture that will be both mobile and web-based and will aim to make ad content creation, sharing and monetization more fun.

Seed Investment

We offer initial seed stage investment in new/existing ventures we find interesting and valuable. One of our partners is Elite Personal Training Center in Göteborg.

Zanerio Consulting

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We have experienced and higly qualified consultants that are ready to provide professional and quality consultancy services all over the Nordic region. We have registsered office in Oslo, Norway, and also presence in Helsinki, Finland and Copenhagen, Denmark. This enable us to meet the needs of our partners all over the Nordic region. We offer consultancy service in specialized areas within Networks, application/software developmet, software/hardware testing and automation, Energy, Communication, ERP, Project Management etc. Contact us today to know more about our services or to know how to be a part of us. 

Zanerio Capital

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Part of our business focus is Seed/Capital Funding for start-ups and small companies hoping to expand their operations. We provide short-term and in some cases, long-term financing to businesses in the IT industry, and in other industries that we find interesting to us. We are currently in partnetship with companies within the IT industry and also fitness/Lifestyle industry. 

Zanerio Apps

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Zanerio apps is a part of our business that aim to bring new product to the public. These product are almost always in-house ideas crafted, designed and developed by our team of architects, developers and testers. We also have the possibility of working with on third-party app ideas by providing our expertise and resources needed to bring the ideas to reality. One of such app ideas is BubblePerk. BubblePerk aims to make ad content creation and sharing more fun and profitable for content creators and cheaper for advertisers. BubblePerk will be available on iOS and Android stores and also web. 

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